Growing up, I never felt safe in my body and I never felt like I belonged. 

I felt everything and everything felt overwhelming.

My life quickly became about "figuring me out". 


What I've discovered is that often the most sensitive hearts retreat into overthinking minds to try to temper the intensity of being human. We numb out our bodies and emotions just to try to function in a world that feels so loud.


Through combining creativity, breath and movement, I am learning how to embrace my sensitivity as a gift. I am healing my relationship to my body and learning how to take care of myself. I am finding that I can transform my humanness into something beautiful.


If sharing my experience can bring comfort, hope or self-recognition to even one person, that would be enough—To Add A drop in the bucket of "we're all going to be okay."


You're worth it to me.

Love always,

- Emilia Ann

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