Life with Emilia Ann: Ep. 15 - Christmas and Contradictions

Part 1: Creative Holiday and Christmas Gifts (or any other time gifts) In the first third or so of this podcast I go over my super secret method of generating thoughtful and creative gift ideas. Turns out, I have created quite the process. I teach you: - Gifting consciousness - Easy idea management / record keeping - Gift mapping and the three essential questions to ask - How to put your mind's natural problem solving abilities to work for you (That description sounded quite good and persuasive to make you want to listen to it, I think! Hooray!) Part 2: Contradictions in Personal Development In a somewhat abrupt transition, which I thought may end up happening, we moved into my musings about

Life with Emilia Ann: Ep. 13 - ALL BY MYSELF!

This podcast discusses (in detail): - Vulnerability and(my) excuses for not being vulnerable - The structure of emotions, how to integrate them and our tendencies to avoid and distract ourselves from feeling by changing our external circumstances - The beauty and depth that comes along with repetition and familiarity, specifically when it comes to personal growth-oriented information and activities - .... AAAANNDDDD SO MUCH MORE! Love to you all. - Emilia Ann Listen and Subscribe on iTunes/Apple Podcasts: Search for "Life with Emilia Ann" Listen on Soundcloud:

My (Work) Soulmate [Left] Me. – Part 2

I posted “My (Work) Soulmate is Leaving Me” just over a month ago from today, and my life feels completely different. I was laying awake in bed thinking about how much has changed and felt that an update was in order. Part of me is still feels sad over the loss of the future I had imagined, but my perspective has shifted and other possibilities have come into focus. See, the thing is, when she left, I felt a sinking feeling in my stomach and a choice clearly presented itself - I could repeat the pattern of stress, overwhelm and anxiety and spiral downward into oblivion, like I had basically done the first time around when I felt like the world and the fate of the law firm rested on my should

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