Because life is too short to

take yourself seriously.


1.  The ego is not scary.

When you look at your EgoPet, you're not scared, are you?
So why would you be scared of your own ego?


2.  The ego is not you.

Clearly, your EgoPet is not you. It's your EgoPet. Not. You.

Well, your ego isn't you either. So when your mind

starts saying things only your ego would say,

recognize it for what it is: an adorable, silly little ego.


3.  Just love it.

Put your EgoPet somewhere you will see it often, on your desk,

on your bookshelf, or in your car, and let it make you smile and

remind you not to take yourself so goshdarn seriously. :)

How to Care for Your EgoPets: 

Keep it light, keep it fun, keep it quirky.