Letting Go
Dr. David R. Hawkins

My favorite book of all time.

A brilliant, accessible blend of psychology with real-world spirituality. Sheds light on how to transcend emotions and reach the state of inner freedom in all areas of your life.

Also by Dr. David R. Hawkins: Power vs. Force, Transcending the Levels of Consciousness, Healing & Recovery and Discovery of the Presence of God.

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A daily companion.

Brought so much sweetness into my life with these poems—they start to take on a life of their own.

Everything is Here to Help You
Matt Kahn

Totally unreal. Must read. 
Matt Kahn speaks directly to the empath, illuminating the spiritual journey from a refreshing and gentle, heart-centered space. 

Loving What Is
Byron Katie

Dismantle your mind and find your truth. 

Byron Katie's four-question process cuts right to the heart of any situation. Is it true? Can I absolutely know that it is true? How do I react when I believe that thought? Who would I be without it?  

The Surrender Experiment
Michael A. Singer

A great true story on trusting life and trusting the process.

This book helped me immensely with acceptance and trust, and shows what can happen when you stop resisting the flow of life. 

Big Magic
Elizabeth Gilbert

A wonderfully romantic take on our relationship with creativity.

Light and refreshing. I laughed out loud multiple times and made my whole family read it.

The Presence Process
Michael Brown

An introduction to the power of the breath... 
and then you dive right in to an in-depth,10-week self-facilitated journey through emotional density, patterns and into states of self-awareness.